Board Meeting Minutes September 2021

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Andersen DEANS Foundation

Meeting Minutes – 9/7/21

I. Call to order

Co-Presidents Michael Dye and Tim Blackburn called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Andersen DEANS Foundation at 6:30pm at the Phase I Club House.

II. Roll call

The following members were present:  

Executive Session: Michael Dye, Tim Blackburn, Nick Orzano, Darren Anthony, David Jubitz, Nate DeSousa and Kevin Harbour.

Guests: Principal Dr. Lewis

General Session: Michael Dye, Tim Blackburn, Nick Orzano, Darren Anthony, David Jubitz, Nate DeSousa, Kevin Harbour.

Guests: Principal Dr. Lewis, Chase Rief, Carter Weir, Adam Vali, Chris Fore

III. Executive Session – Open Issues & New Business
a) Darren Anthony presented an updated budget to the DEANS ​Board for discussion. In addition to the budget, various fundraising strategies were discussed with a goal of maximizing family donations.
IV. General Session
a) Plans for the first DEANS Thursday Night Footballevent were finalized with Sponsor Carter Weir of Weir Properties. Next month’s Thursday Night Football event is tentatively scheduled for 10/7/21.
b) Nick Orzano and Michael Dye presented to the DEANS Board on two alternative providers for our charity website and giving support. Ultimately, the DEANS Board selected Snowball to provide these services going forward due to its superior cost and added functionality.
c) The DEANS Board discussed plans to re-introduce Class Liaisons to assist in raising family donations during the current donation drive.
d) Upcoming social events were discussed including:
(i) New Parent Night on 9/16/21
(ii) The DEANS Pumpkin Patch on 10/23/21
(iii) Tour De Port Streets, tentatively scheduled for 11/13/21.
V. Michael Dye and Tim Blackburn adjourned the meeting at 9:35pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Kevin Harbour




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