Board Meeting Minutes April 2023

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Andersen DEANS Foundation

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to order

Chase Rief (leading meeting due to travel for President Nick Orzano) called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Andersen DEANS Foundation at 6:40pm at the Phase I Club House.

  1. Roll call

The following members were present: 

General Session and Closed Session: Tim Blackburn, Darren Anthony, Carter Weir, Nick Orzano (traveling but attended via phone), David Jubitz, Mike Dye, Chase Rief, and Kevin Harbour.

Guests: Brent Leffel, Aaron Rose, Brett Butler, Bobby Girard, and Dr. Lewis

  • Principal Report
    1. DDD Financials Update
    2. Awaiting district board approval to bring in CORE for lunchtime recess to test 2-3 days this spring. If successful, plan to expand program and contract with them directly for next year.
    3. Architect walked campus with Dr. Lewis for 2 hours looking at function, use and aesthetics. Prioritizing safety concerns. Andersen only report coming in the next few months. Whole district report coming therafter.
    4. Steam night moved to May 10th.
    5. Makers Space teacher posting interviews happening next week. Position starts as soon as filled and approved.
    6. 6th grade camp now May 1-3rd.
    7. April 6th – Cyber parent meeting in Phase 1 club house
    8. LCAP input from District being sent via email. Encourage parents to reply.
    9. For next year, already have a tentative 13 TK and 23 Kinder; still early in the process so Dr. Lewis expects numbers to increase.


  1. General Sessions
    1. Events
      • Deans Dinner Dance
        1. Finalizing revenue and expense totals, but preliminary indications are very positive.
        2. Huge success on all accounts
      • Tour de Port Streets (April 22nd, Port Streets)
        1. All stops finalized
        2. Need to get out ticketing email, pricing, etc.
      • Golf Tournament (May 15th, Strawberry Farms)
        1. Champagne event likely out due to logistics.
        2. Start pushing for golfers, RSVPs coming soon.
      • Big Friday
        1. Tie in 50th Anniversary party with Big Friday.
        2. Sponsors for 50th party being discussed
      • DEANS List Party
        1. Researching offsite venues due to size of DEANs List

Closed session

  1. Committees
    • Finance
      1. Discussing options for investment of excess funds in CDs, T-Bills, or some other low risk, highly liquid asset.
    • Donor Committee
      1. N/A
    • Sponsors
      1. N/A
    • Marketing
      1. N/A
    • Events
      1. Speaker series – Cyber safety speaker coming up
    • Use of Funds
      1. Orzano and Blackburn toured the school with Dr. Lewis last week. Because of age and other factors, there are certain campus challenges that can’t be solved with the current structure. DEANS researching the hiring of a construction/engineering consultant to review options and prepare a report, with cost effective focus in mind.
      2. $1,000 unanimously approved for Kinder Carnival
      3. Up to $20,000 approved for CORE lunchtime recess program, pending results of 3 day trial. Funds raised through paddle raise at DDD.
  1. Board procedures
    1. Nominating committee – interviewed all candidates. Full slate of recommendations for next year’s board will be ready to go for next meeting.


Chase Rief adjourned the meeting at 8:25pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Kevin Harbour

  • Subsequent Events
    1. After completion of the April Board Meeting, the DEANS board unanimously voted to invest all excess funds in a 1 year CD Ladder, with staggered maturities every 3 months. Each quarter going forward, the board will make a determination to use or reinvest the maturing funds.

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