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Filling the gaps

As the school district’s budget becomes more restricted, the DEANS help fill the gap with additional teachers and support in order to significantly improve the quality of education for our children.

How it all started

Seeing the need to restore eliminated programs and to enhance the learning environment at Andersen, a group of neighborhood dads led by Joe Colgate formed the DEANS to raise the funds needed.

Our impact

Since 1997, all of the funds raised by the DEANS have gone directly into programs to foster and enhance the education at Andersen Elementary School.  Each year we rely upon many parents to volunteer their time, energy and resources to help make the DEANs successful.

What your donations provide

Among the resources the DEANS provide are technology aids for both teachers and students, after-school enrichment programs and most importantly additional credentialed teachers to reduce the student-to-teacher ratio.  Our funding is distributed into four primary categories: Dolphin Academy Teachers, Additional Teacher Support, Technology and After-School Programs.

A Few of the Many Resources from DEANS

credentialed teachers

Credentialed Teachers

The DEANS has committed to hiring 6 credentialed teachers for the school year in order to provide the best learning experience possible for the students of Andersen. Approximately 80% of the money raised by the DEANS goes to hiring these teachers and we do everything in our power to bring the best possible teachers to Andersen.

think tank

Andersen DEANs “Think Tank”

We believe we are on the forefront with this idea by providing our students with a “think tank” which is in essence a computer lounge. This room will allow our children to work on their chromebooks in a comfortable and suitable environment to best fit their learning needs. We have equipped this room and the teachers with the environment and tools they need to stay on the cutting edge of technology use in an academic setting.

maker space

Maker Space

Our children have access to some of the best technology and state-of-the-art equipment in the country.  This includes 3D printing, green screen technology and a broadcasting studio to encourage the students to reach their imaginative and creative potential. Andersen is one of the only public schools in the state to benefit from this type of technology.

after school

After-School Activities

DEANS are continuing to support after-school enrichment programs for the students of Andersen.  If you feel that there is an activity or resource that you would like to see at Andersen, please do not hesitate to let us know.  In conjunction with PTA, we plan to expand the after-school programs at Andersen in the very near future.

speaker series

Speaker Series

Children today are exposed to more pressures and stresses than we experienced in our youth. It is DEANs mission to help bring an understanding and awareness to help develop a healthy emotional and mental state of mind for our children. Continuing what we started a few years ago, DEANs and PTA will provide Andersen with a speaker series featuring Dr. Jerry Weichman, a renowned clinical psychologist and adolescent specialist. He will discuss with students the issues they are dealing with and make it fun and interesting for them at the same time. The lower grades will focus on social issues (i.e. making friends, bullying, etc.). The upper grades will focus on everyday pressures (i.e. social media, peer pressure, etc.). He also works directly with the faculty to ensure they understand the issues facing our children and most importantly, give them the tools to help.

2023/2024 DEANs Board Members

Nick Orzano – President
Darren Anthony – Treasurer
Tim Blackburn – Secretary

Board Members At Large
Brent Leffel
Dan Schiraldi
Brett Butler
Chase Rief

Past DEANS Presidents
1997-1999 Joe Colgate
1999-2000 Rich Andersen & Scott Tucker
2000-2001 Chip Greene
2001-2002 Matt Cooper
2002-2003 Frank Delgado
2003-2004 Jim McKennon
2004-2005 Mark Craig
2005-2006 Dave Donaldson
2006-2007 Mark Richter
2007-2009 Mark Rowe
2009-2010 Art Wardwell
2010-2011 Costa Harbilas
2011-2012 Simon Dillon
2012-2014 Kyle Anderson
2014-2015 Scott Duffy
2015-2017 Rob Greer & John Hobson
2017-2019 Scott Lea
2019-2020 Alex Murray
2020-2021 Ryan Hart
2021-2022 Mike Dye & Tim Blackburn
2022-2023 Nick Orzano


Andersen DEANs Foundation 2023-24 Board of Directors


Chase Rief, Darren Anthony, Brent Leffel, Brett Butler, Nick Orzano, Tim Blackburn, Dan Schiraldi

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin

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