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What We Do

The Deans Need You

Why Should Each Family Participate?

Andersen DEANS provide much-needed academic and enrichment support to supplement what is provided by the school district.

We will spend over $1,600 per child at Andersen Elementary School.

Every dollar of your tax deductible donation goes directly to helping our students.

Your participation is essential to make this happen.

You Should Know

How Does DEANS Raise Money?

Teacher Support

Reduces student to teacher ratios

The DEANS have committed credentialed teachers in an effort to reduce student-to-teacher ratios and enhance the Andersen student learning experience. The DEANS have also committed to supporting teacher training programs to further strengthen their teaching methodology during these challenging times.

After-School Programs

Music, Robotics and more

The DEANS continue to support after-school programs and activities to provide enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom. In partnering with the Andersen PTA, we look forward to offering many more unique opportunities for the Andersen students in the very near future.


Andersen DEANS Think Tank and Maker Space

The DEANS want to provide our children with access to some of the best technology and equipment. The Think Tank is essentially a computer lounge where the children can work on their chromebooks in an environment that best suits their learning needs. The Maker Space allows students to explore their imaginative and creative potential with access to green screen technology, 3D printing and a broadcasting studio.

Speaker Series

Community Education

The DEANS believe strongly in the importance of our children’s emotional and mental health. Children today are exposed to more pressures and stresses than we ever experienced when we were their age. For this reason, the DEANS, in conjunction with PTA, have provided a speaker series featuring Dr. Jerry Weichman, a renowned clinical psychologist and adolescent specialist. Dr. Weichman’s speaker series is designed for Andersen parents, students and faculty. We feel very fortunate to be able to bring his expertise to the Andersen community.

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Be part of the reason Roy O. Andersen Elementary School is consistently among the highest ranking schools in California.

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Please attend the DEANs meetings 1st Tuesday of each monthPhase I Clubhouse
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