Board Meeting Minutes January 2023

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Andersen DEANS Foundation

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to order

President Nick Orzano called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Andersen DEANS Foundation at 6:30pm at the Phase I Club House.

  1. Roll call

The following members were present: 

General Session and Closed Session: Tim Blackburn, Darren Anthony, Carter Weir, Nick Orzano, David Jubitz, Chase Rief, and Kevin Harbour.

Guests: Brett Butler, Bobby Girard, Brent Leffel, Aaron Rose and Dan Schiraldi

  • General Session
    1. Events
      • Deans Dinner Dance
        1. Planning ongoing
      • Tour de Port Streets
        1. Date changed to April 22 due to conflicts with other neighborhood activities. Save the dates to be sent next week.
      • Golf Tournament
        1. Contract from 19th Hole forthcoming
        2. Potential event for spouses/non-golfers under consideration during the day to enhance the live auction.
      • Big Friday
        1. Planning for next year’s Big Friday is starting to ramp up. Potential tie in with Andersen’s 50th Anniversary under consideration.


  1. Closed Session
    1. Committees
      • Finance
        1. A handful of additional donations were received before end of year, bringing total families donated to 80, or 44% of Andersen families.
        2. The DEANs Board approved sponsoring the 6th grade play and the upcoming Family Dance.
      • Donor Committee
        1. N/A
      • Sponsors
        1. N/A
      • Marketing
        1. N/A
      • Events
        1. Boomers buyout in the works and planning is ongoing.
      • Use of Funds
        1. Storage container to replace the storage locker is arranged and should be coming in the next few weeks.
        2. Awaiting report from district on facilities/upgrades.
  1. Board procedures
    1. Additional discussion on revisions to board procedures, nominating of new board members and nomination of officers.


  1. Nick Orzano adjourned the meeting at 8:25pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Kevin Harbour

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