Board Meeting Minutes February 2023

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Andersen DEANS Foundation

Meeting Minutes


Call to order

President Nick Orzano called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Andersen DEANS Foundation at 6:30pm at the Phase I Club House.

Roll call

The following members were present: 

General Session and Closed Session: Tim Blackburn, Darren Anthony, Carter Weir, Nick Orzano, David Jubitz, Chase Rief, and Kevin Harbour.

Guests: Brett Butler, Aaron Rose, and Dan Schiraldi

  • Principal Report
    1. Facilities – New carpet going in this summer
    2. Port Stirling Gate – new automatic solar opener installed
    3. Facilities Report Received from district and under review.
    4. March 24th visit to Laguna to view furniture layouts for potential options at Andersen.
    5. Summer school will be at Harbor View this year
    6. I Love You Guys (private security contractor) has been contracted by the district to consult on safety of each campus.
    7. TK-Kinder Orientation morning of February 28th
    8. Mural underway and nearly completed; kids have enjoyed watching the process and seeing the progress.
    9. New office assistant was hired
    10. Proposal from CORE Athletics to come onto campus at lunch time to organize games for the kids. Will likely arrange for a trial this spring and further discuss contract options depending on success of the trial.
  1. General Sessions
    1. Events
      • Deans Dinner Dance
        1. Contracts signed and deposits paid.
        2. Auction list coming
      • Tour de Port Streets
        1. House for final stop of the evening has been finalized
        2. Planning on other aspects still underway
      • Golf Tournament
        1. Contract executed
        2. Potential event for spouses considered during the day to further support the live auction
      • Big Friday
        1. Tie in 50th Anniversary party with Big Friday?

Closed Session

  1. Committees
    • Finance
      1. DEANs Board unanimously approved Dr. Lewis’ to pursue full-time Dolphin Academy teacher for Makers Space/Technology teacher
    • Donor Committee
      1. N/A
    • Sponsors
      1. N/A
    • Marketing
      1. N/A
    • Events
      1. Various events for spring under discussion and review
    • Use of Funds
      1. Storage container coming to eliminate need for offsite storage facility
      2. DEANs board unanimously approved $5,000 in funding for STEAM night.
  1. Board procedures
    1. Bylaws drafted and circulated to the Board. Request for comments by end of week.


  1. Nick Orzano adjourned the meeting at 8:34pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Kevin Harbour

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