Board Meeting Minutes April 2021

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Andersen DEANS Foundation

Meeting Minutes – 4/7/2021

I.  Call to order

Ryan Hart called to order the regular meeting of the Andersen DEANS Foundation at 7:10pm in Hart Residence Backyard.

II.  Roll call

The following members were present:  Ryan Hart, Michael Dye, Darren Anthony, Tim Blackburn, Kevin Harbour, Alex Murray and Mike Gartner

Special Guest: Andersen Elementary Principal Tiffany Lewis

III.  Open Issues & New Business

    1. Andersen Elementary Principal Tiffany Lewis provided the DEANS an Andersen update. She talked to the board about the plan for a return to full time, in-person instruction for Andersen students. We also discussed making the first day of school special for the students.  We discussed red carpets, balloon arches, photo backdrops and Dippin dots ice cream at the end of the school day.  Because there will be 5 separate entrances for the kids, we have to be sensitive to costs so balloon arches were nixed due to high cost and one-time use.
    2. Principal Lewis also asked us to start considering our budget for RTI teachers for the 2021/2022 school year. She definitely would like us to have Ms. Kirsch back and any RTI teachers to be at 19.5 hours a week instead of the current 15 hours.  Principal Lewis gave us cost estimates for each RTI teacher as well as other budget items for us to consider as we finish the 2020/2021 school year.
    3. Tim Blackburn gave a golf tournament update. Corporate sponsorships are in great shape, so really need to push for golfers. The goal is for each board member to have their own foursome and help recruit.  If we can get over 100 golfers, then we expect the best fundraising tournament the DEANS have ever had.

Ryan Hart adjourned the meeting at 9:20pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Michael Dye

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