Andersen Elementary School

Our Children - Our Impact

Every dollar of your tax deductible donation goes directly to helping our students.

Your generous contributions truly make a difference in each students lives every day. Learn more about where we raise our resources are how they are invested in our children.

Sources of Funds

Nearly 70% of our resources used to invest in our children come from membership funds, with the balance coming from additional volunteer-run fundraising activities. Join us in raising the funds necessary to make the maximum impact.

» Sources of Funds Chart - Fundraising goal of $436k

Our Investments in Overview

Every dollar of your donations goes toward our children.

» Enrichment Activities – Budget of $286K

» Chart of Other / Special Projects – Budget of $100K


Our Investments in Detail

The DEANS sets the fundraising bar high each year because we invest aggressively in academic and enrichment programs for all our students. Learn more about each of the categories below.

» Specialists - Math, Science, Reading and Writing.

The majority of the DEANs annual budget is targeted toward the basics of learning at the elementary school level or as we used to say, the "three Rs", with maybe a few more letters. Additionally, the DEANs endeavor to impact the student/teacher ratios by using the specialists to break the classes into smaller components. We fund totally and partially (with the help from the PTA) the following teaching specialists;

  • Math
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Music - Band
  • Spanish Language
  • Technology

» Teacher Aides - Reduces student to teacher ratios.

With the classroom enrollments continuing to grow, the DEANs continue to look at Teacher / Student Ratios. The DEANs commit to funding anywhere from 4 to 6 teachers’ aides per year. The learning experience of the children is also affected due to the additional help. This allows for a greater interaction with the students from both the teacher and the aide.

» Music Program - More music, thanks to the DEANS.

The standard music curriculum for the district provides one class a week of "classroom" music for all 1st-6th graders. This is where Andersen was four years ago, before the DEANs. Now at Andersen, we offer an additional day a week for all 2nd-6th graders. Thanks to the DEANs’ purchase of piano keyboards, our 2nd-3rd graders get one-day a week group piano lessons from Mr. Squyres. The 4th-6th graders receive vocal training from Ms. Bacoba with the 2nd day of music per week. In addition, Andersen has a choir offered before school.

» Science Program - Some applicable facts about the program.

Besides the basics, the science program was added to provide the additional opportunities our children deserve. They learn about nature from animal life cycles to why the plants are green. The science program gives the children a chance for hands on learning.

» Tech/Computer Lab - Building essential skills for your child’s future.

Our vision is to increase the student’s knowledge and enjoyment for learning using technology, as well as increasing their technical competency. The DEANS plan to spend over $95,000 this year and the PTA $8,500 to service, maintain and upgrade the technology resources at the school.

We have continued to expand our award winning technology program FUNDED 100% BY YOUR DONATIONS to the PTA and DEANS. Some of our projects and funding this year will include:

  • Accelerated Reader and Star Reader.
  • The STAR Math and Accelerated Math program was expanded to include all classes from 2nd-6th grade. This computer program is a fun way for the kids to review their math skills, assess areas for improvement, and prepare for year end testing.
  • New SmartBoards, LCDs, ELMO’s and PC computers as needed.
  • Expand the network infrastructure to continue to expand the school’s computer network capabilities.
  • Our Technology Educator, Kristi Kirsch compensation package is 100% funded by your donations.
  • All of the compensation for Phillip Stewart, who maintains our computers and network.
  • Maintain the in classroom keyboard training using AlphaSmart Keyboards.
  • Several mini-labs are being created in classrooms using the donated IBM Notebooks.
  • Teacher education on integrating technology into the curriculum.
  • Annual renewal fees for Accelerated Reader Program, Accelerated Math, Star Reader, STAR Math, and World Book Online.
  • Almost $10,000 annually to keep the existing equipment functional with supplies such as printer cartridges and maintenance kits.
  • Graphing using Excel, PowerPoint presentations, blogging, podcasts, illustrations, and report writing.
» Teacher Allowance - Assist teachers in buying necessary supplies.

Over the years, our teachers have reached into their own pockets and purchased items they felt would be beneficial to our children. Although, we appreciate their commitment to our children, we felt the DEANs should set aside discretionary funds for this exact use. Each year, the DEANs allocate monies based upon the number of students in a class to be used by the teacher to purchase items for their classes. These items can be anything from paper and pencils to learning programs and everything in between.

» Summer Review – Encouraging our students to review concepts in summer.

The DEANS have pledged to help our students stay on top of their “game” over the summer break. The DEANS plan to purchase “bridge” books so that every student can review what he/she has learned throughout the year. It is our hope that this will allow our Andersen teachers to focus on new concepts and spend less time on review at the beginning of each year. The DEANS will also “encourage” the students to complete the work books by purchasing rewards and raffle items.