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For the last 12 years, the Andersen DEANs have made an impact on the quality of Andersen school and the community at large mostly through the generous parent donations of our members However, the largest financial crisis of our time has resulted in massive budget cuts and continues to cut even more important resources that simply can't be replaced by our parents alone.

Will you help us make an impact today?

Whether you have no children, your children are at a private school, or your children are too young or old to attend Andersen we would like to ask you to participate in our neighborhood patron program. We all know what a wonderful asset Andersen is to our community and how instrumental its success is to our property values. So please support your neighborhood school and help us make a great community asset even more valuable for us all. 

To donate, simply choose a membership level below and your donation will be processed 100% securely online.

Port Streets Patron

Top Reasons to Join
 Additional technology equipment and staff is provided that is so important in the 21st century
The DEANs invests over $720 per child each school year.
 The DEANs invests over $720 per child each school year. Read this year's presidents letter for an outline of our goals
All Volunteer
 All-volunteer organization means Every dollar goes toward students - there are no management fees
 Teachers aides we fund help "bridge the gap" for growing class sizes due to state budget shortfalls
Foreign Language
 Foreign language programs are made available that students would not otherwise have