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The DEANs vision:

“To provide the best education for our kids by providing resources that otherwise would not be available from the district, such as technology, capital improvements, music and language programs and additional teaching specialists and aides that lower the student to teacher ratios.”

2018/2019 Fundraising Goal: $400,000

We will spend $875+ for each child at Andersen Elementary School. 

Your participation is essential to make this happen.

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Welcome Letter 2018-2019 School Year

Dear Andersen Families,

Welcome back to what should be another fun and successful school year! As stated on our website, DEANs mission is to provide the best education for our kids by providing resources that would otherwise not be available from the district. DEANs can only make this happen with your family donation and we encourage you to invest in your child(ren)’s education by donating at DEANs spends nearly $900 per student on average to enhance their education. This year, DEANs has targeted several high value programs worth funding that takes that number higher. These funds will be allocated towards the following:

Credentialed Teachers
DEANs has once again hired 8 credentialed teachers and aids. This has drastically reduced the student/teacher ratio and given your child(ren) a more intimate learning experience. We are in constant communication with Dr. Bray and will hire more if administration feels necessary. Nearly 60% of the money raised by DEANs goes towards hiring these teachers.

Andersen DEANs “Think Tank”
As the world progresses, so are we. We believe we are on the forefront with this idea by providing our students with a “think tank” which is in essence a computer lounge. This room will allow our children to work on their chromebooks in a comfortable and suitable environment to best fit their learning needs. The room will be furnished with ergonomic chairs, tables with whiteboard tops, and furniture that can easily be moved around to adjust to the appropriate setting. We will also provide Ms. Kirsch with a touch screen (Prowise) learning board and the color scheme will be colorful to enhance the student’s minds. In addition, it is our goal to provide every classroom with a Prowise board by the end of the year. You can find more info about the boards at

It has been our initiative to supply EVERY student at Andersen with a chromebook. Now that we have accomplished our goal, we are taking it a step further. Beginning this year, every 5th and 6th grader will have their very own chromebook that they will be able to take home. Additionally, we will continue to replace chromebooks once they reach their lifespan. Andersen is the only school in the district with this luxury and it’s only made possible through your donations.

Maker Space
Our children have access to some of the best technology and state-of-the-art equipment in the country. This includes 3D printing and green screen technology. The maker space allows students to reach their imaginative and creative potential. Again, Andersen is one of the only public schools in the state to benefit from this type of technology.

After-School Activities
DEANs also continues to provide after-school activities such as robotics, Spanish, After School Scholars, and rock band, to name a few. We believe there is a wide enough variety to suit every child. We do, however, rely on your input and are open to suggestions if you feel there is an activity you would like to see DEANs bring to Andersen.

Speaker Series
Children nowadays are undoubtedly exposed to more pressures and stresses that we experienced in our youth. It is DEANs mission to help bring an understanding and awareness to help develop a healthy emotional and mental state of mind for our children. Beginning this year, DEANs and PTA will provide Andersen with a speaker series featuring Dr. Jerry Weichman that that will consist of several lectures/presentations throughout the year. Dr. Weichman is a clinical psychologist and adolescent specialist as well as an author, speaker, and parenting expert. Our goal is to have him discuss with students the issues they are dealing with and make it fun and interesting for them at the same time. The lower grades will focus on social issues (i.e. making friends, bullying, etc.). The upper grades will focus on everyday pressures (i.e. social media, peer pressure, etc.). Last year, Dr. Weichman spoke to the 6th graders about transitioning into middle school and we will do it again later this school year. We believe that a clear and healthy mind is just as important as an educated mind.

Again, we are appreciative of your support and grateful that we are surrounded by such generous families. I hope this gives you some clarity as to where the money goes. DEANs is a collaborative effort and we welcome your feedback/suggestions and have created the following email address, We look forward to a fun-filled summer and are anxious to get back to work in eliminating Andersen’s needs. When Andersen families come together for a cause, it’s a powerful thing.

Scott Lea
Andersen DEANs President

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