Andersen Elementary School

Andersen DEANs Representatives for 2019-2020

Our Impact:

Every dollar of your tax deductible donation goes directly to helping our students. Your generous contributions truly make a difference in each students lives every day. The DEANs invest your donations in:

Specialists - Math, Science, Reading and Writing
Teacher Aides - Reduces student to teacher ratios
Programs - Music, Rock Band, Robotics, After school programs and more
Technology - Chrome Books, Makers Space and more

DEANs Board of Directors:

Alex Murray

Vice President
Ryan Hart

Nate deSousa

Nate Kuchera

Board Members
Mike Dye
Jeremy Mape
Mike Gartner
Ryan Hart
Darren Anthony
Scott Lea
Tim Blackburn

DEAN'S Committees:

Dinner Dance Chairs
Jenni Rodriguez
Yassi Berkus
Andrea Klichan

Pumpkin Patch
Kelsey Whitmer

John Wrate

Volunteer Coordinator
Mike Gartner

Grandparent's Day Chair
Scott Lea

Speaker Series and Teacher Liason
Jeremy Mape

Golf Tournament Chair
Tim Blackburn

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Past DEANs Presidents

1997-1998 Joe Colgate
1998-1999 Joe Colgate
1999-2000 Rich Anderson/Scott Tucker
2000-2001 Chip Greene
2001-2002 Matt Cooper
2002-2003 Frank Delgado
2003-2004 Jim McKennon
2004-2005 Mark Craig
2005-2006 Dave Donaldson
2006-2007 Mark Richter
2007-2008 Mark Rowe
2008-2009 Mark Rowe
2009-2010 Art Wardwell
2010-2011 Costa Harbilas
2011-2012 Simon Dillon
2012-2013 Kyle Anderson
2013-2014 Kyle Anderson
2014-2015 Scott Duffy
2015-2016 Rob Greer/John Hobson
2016-2017 Rob Greer/John Hobson
2017-2018 Scott Lea
2018-2019 Scott Lea